Watercolour Whales

Suitable for Grades 4-12

Whether you just want your students to experience the joy of colour spreading on their paper or you want to expand your science curriculum, our Watercolour Whale paintings are sure to please!


Students will work on 9x12, 140 lb real watercolour paper with high pigmented, liquid watercolours in 3 colours. The lesson plan focuses on painting so students will be offered the option of using a paper template whale for tracing. (If it is preferred that the students draw their own whale, please inform us in advance as this will extend the needed class instruction time*).


Students will focus on the wet on wet technique and how to create shadows and texture. Each student will require a clean flat surface to work on. We will provide large mats to protect the surface. We will require access to a sink.

The class will be in two parts, one with a focus on the background and the other with a focus on the foreground. This workshop takes place in two - one hour sessions, one per week. This would not only allow for drying time, but also for class discussions on what students have learned or more exploration of whales. A flat drying rack is required for storage until the paintings are dry. Once the paintings are dry, they can be stacked.


Teachers: Please allow us 15 minutes to set up and 1/2 hr for clean up.


Curriculum explored:

Elements of Art  - Colour theory, texture, lines, shape, space



2 hrs* - workshop session (or two 1 hour sessions)

$200 + $26.00 HST=$226.00 - Materials included 

Approximately $9.50 per student based on 24 students. If you have less than 24 students, the cost per student will be higher. If you have more than 24 students, please contact us in advance. This activity cannot accommodate a double class.


*If you would like to include a drawing class segment where the students learn how to draw the whales instead of tracing, please add an additional 30-45 minutes at a cost of $56.00 incl HST - Please inform us in advance if this is what you choose).


Approved parent volunteers are very welcome!
Last Edited March 2018 - We reserve the right to adjust our prices in accordance with increases in material costs.
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