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Glossary of Terms

Sometimes we artists have a funny way of talking. We may use terms that are not generally used around the diningroom table. At the same time, it's our job to educate our students about art and art words. Every class and camp that we teach includes ART WORDS. So we have started this GLOSSARY OF TERMS to help out if we use an uncommon ART WORD or if you have forgotten what it refers to.


We hope you find it helpful.  We will add to it as you send us questions on the terms we have used.




This refers to an object that is used as the unseen support or frame for a sculpture.


Examples of armatures are metal mesh or metal wires that are twisted into shapes and covered in clay. Or an armature can be a simple toothpick stuck into the body of our modelling clay snowman so that our snowman's head will stay on. Or maybe it's the balloon that we use as the main shape for our papier mache.


A collage is both an artwork made from objects that are glued down onto a surface and the name of the technique used in making such an artwork.This technique uses the process of pasting images onto a suface with glue. Collage generally refers to a 2 dimensional work. Assemblage is used to refer to an artwork of glued objects that is 3 dimensional.


This refers to the process of sticking papers, napkins, existing images, photographs, wrapping paper or coloured tissues onto surfaces such as a box or table top by wetting both the top and bottom with glue. They can be layered into collages or a single image. They are then left to dry and sealed with varnish.

Papier mache

This refers to a sculpting form using pieces of paper and glue. The papers are soaked in glue and layered multiple times on an armature of some sort, then left to dry and painted.


Water Marbling

This refers to painting on the surface of water with very thin paints and then picking up your painting by placing a sheet of absorbent paper on the water. There are many different types of water marbling such as Turkish Ebru or Japanese Suminagashi.


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